SA Water's AquaMap 4.3


  1. The accuracy of information displayed in AquaMap is not guaranteed. Data displayed by AquaMap is from a variety of sources and may not have been correct or complete when provided to SA Water. Data sourced from external sources includes land parcel data, proposed land division data and domestic and commercial sewer drain data.
  2. SA Water accepts no responsibility for any data errors or missing data in AquaMap. Data may have been incorrect or missing at the time it was provided to SA Water by external sources.
  3. SA Water accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by reliance on data displayed in AquaMap. The completeness and suitability of results for intended use depends amongst other things on the user's own skills at searching and interpreting the data. This applies in particular to correctly interpreting domestic and commercial sewer drain data to ensure that the address listed on the drain print matches that of the property being searched.
  4. The AquaMap System was designed and is maintained for SA Water's own internal uses and SA Water and any other data provider do no warrant the quality, performance or suitability of the Data and AquaMap System for any other purpose.
  5. SA Water makes no representation and does not warrant that the infrastructure shown has been installed or remains as shown by the Data.
  6. SA Water accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to a user's computer, software or data occurring in connection with or relating to AquaMap, its use or any other Data.
  7. Access to AquaMap is subject to the conditions set out in Schedules B and C of your AquaMap Access Licence. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in your access to AquaMap being terminated.
  8. Every effort is made to ensure availability of AquaMap during normal office hours. However, access to AquaMap cannot be guaranteed outside normal office hours.
  9. The Customer consents to SA Water recording the details of their usage of the AquaMap system including their date and time of visit, time spent on site, and information queried and displayed, at any time to ensure integrity of the system and its proper use in accordance with this license. This information will be used for SA Water's internal administration of the system and may be disclosed to external persons as governed by the Information Privacy Principles.
  10. The Customer understands that SA Water reserves the right at any time to change the type of information produced from AquaMap.

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SA Water's AquaMap 4.3